Covid-19 pandemic  has caused great damage and discomfort among several people across the world. This virus originated from Wuhan China back in the year 2019. This pandemic has since spread like bush fire across all the continents in the world.

Given that the virus is highly contagious, all learning Centres had to be closed last year(2020)  for the better part of that year. This happened after the first case of Corona virus was reported in the country.All learners had to be away from school as the government was coming up with plans of containing the virus.

 Several months  later,the  doctors startedconducting research across the world and finally a vaccine was discovered. This was tested and proven to be effective. Immediately several countries drew plans of having its citizens vaccinat 

In Our country Kenya Priority was given  to health workers and essential service providers. The teachers were classified as essential service providers and they have been given till 23rd of August to be vaccinated. As at now the teachers are in a rush to get vaccinated early enough


Recently,our government  procured several vaccines that arrived in the country which are ready for use.Every  frontline worker and essential service provider is therefore highly advised to make arrangements earlier enough to get the vaccine.


Immediately after getting the vaccine the government has opted to provide certificates to all fully vaccinated Kenyans. The certificate is likely to come in handy in future, eVven when seeking several government services.


To all those who have been fully vaccinated log in to the official ministry of Health App using this link

Once you clicking on that link then provide the necessary information to be able to download your certificate.