Challenges During Form One 2023 Admission

The new academic year has begun, and this year’s form one students are required to report to their respective schools starting on  (Wednesday) until the appointed hour.

Nearly all applicants are eager to enrol in secondary schools so they may experience what life is like in high school.

However, despite these high expectations, parents are still frantically trying to fulfil their parental responsibilities, and as a result, they are likely to encounter numerous difficulties throughout the admissions process.

Here is a list of challenges parents are like to face during admission day and should be aware of them .

  1. There shall be long queues in banks as many are expected to be depositing school fees on this day.
  2. There shall be congestion at bus stops as most parents are likely to turn up and as a result of reduced carrying capacity for psvs.
  3. There are chances of having abnormal rise in bus fare as passengers are likely to exceed available vehicles (psvs) on this day.
  4. Traffic jams are expected on many roads that is likely to delay many parents on the way.
  5. There is likely to be an Increase on the cost of stationary e.g ream papers, pace setters among other essentials required.
  6. There are chances of missing of admission opportunity for the students who might report later since most schools are likely to be congested.
  7. Both parents and students will experience long and tiresome journey for those students and parents travelling over long distances.
  8. There will be chances of having Congested halls.In most cases some of secondary schools had resorted to makeshift classrooms and dormitories to accommodate the huge number of students.
  9. In some schools, students queue for long to take a bath or relieve themselves in the few toilets available at the schools.
  10. The selection and subsequently placement of form one students has been chaotic as children are getting calling letters from secondary schools they do not know and also they had not selected