Electrical Engineering; where to study, minimum grade requirements and career opportunities

Electrical engineering entails the study and development of devices that use electricity, electromagnetism and electronics for them to operate.

•A C(minus) at the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education
•A C(minus) in either English or Kiswahili
•A C(minus) in Chemistry or Physics and Mathematics

•A C (plus) in Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education
•A C (plus) in Chemistry
•A C(plus) in either Mathematics or Physics
•A C (plus) in either English or Kiswahili

•Computer Aided Design Technician
•Control and Instrumentation Engineer
•Design Engineer
•Electronics Engineer
•Nuclear Engineer
•Electrical Engineer
•Acoustic Consultant
•Aerospace Engineer
•Broadcast Engineer
•Sound Engineer
•Special aeffects Technician

Eldoret College of Professional Studies
•Gretsa University
•Kentrac College Nairobi
•Bondo Technical Training Institute
•Kimtech Technical College
•Institute of Advanced Technology
•Kisumu Polytechnic in Kisumu
•Nkabune Technical Training Institute
•Kiambu Institute Of Science And Technology
•Kenya Institute Of Software Engineering.
•The Kabete National Polytechnic in Nakuru
•Nyanchwa Adventist College  in Kisii
•Nyeri Technical Training Institute in Nyeri
•African Institute of Research & Development (AIRADS) in Eldoret
•Kenya Methodist University in Meru
•Gusii Technical Training Institute in Kisii
•The Eldoret Nation Polytechnic in Eldoret
•Rift Valley Technical Training Institute in Eldoret
•Meru Technical Training Institute in Meru
•Technology University of Mombasa in Mombasa
•Technical University of Kenya in Nairobi
•Nairobi Technical Training Institute in Nairobi

•Gretsa University
•Cooperative University
•Management University of Africa
•Strathmore University
•Maseno University
•United States International University (USIU) Nairobi
•Multimedia University in Nairobi
•Mount Kenya University (Nairobi, Thika, Eldoret, Kitale, Nakuru, Kisumu Campuses)
•University of Eldoret
•University of Nairobi (Nairobi, Eldoret, Kitale, Nakuru, Kisumu Campuses)
•Kibabii University
•Kisii University
•University of East Africa Baraton, Nairobi Campus, Eldoret Campus, Kapsabet Campus)
•Narok University in Narok County
•Egerton University in Nakuru County
•Garissa University in Garissa North Eastern Kenya
•Masinde Muliro University
•Karatina University in Nyeri County
•Tangaza University College
•Catholic University of East Africa Nairobi and Eldoret (Gaba) Campus
•Kenyatta University
•Kenya Methodist University in Meru County
•Kabarak University in Nakuru County
•Jomo Kenyatta University of Science and Technology
•Daystar University
•Kenya Methodist University in Meru