Good News To All Students In Tertiary Institutions As The Government Plans To Pay Fees For Those Pursuing These Courses.

Acquiring credible education and career from a renowned university or tertiary Institution in Kenya is becoming more easier as the government is now committed to ensure that all citizens are learned.

The various ways of rasing university fees  in Kenya nowadays  include:bursaries,HElB loans and other scholarships that are either private or given by the government.


The government also has decided to come up with another plan on ensuring that students in the tertiary Institutions taking the following courses are paid for their school fees.

The government has proposed that fees will be cleared for once  by  the University Funding  Board UFB. once the proposal is successfully passed.This is  according to news.

The students taking the following degree  courses are likely to benefit:  medicine, veterinary, dentistry, pharmacy, architecture, engineering, agriculture,food science, sports and courses on Natural sciences.

The University Funding Board CEO Mr. Geoffrey Monari  confirming the above news,stated that the board has proposed KSH. 41 billion that will help in fulfilling this major plan.

Mr. Monari further reported that students who benefit from the government post graduate scholarships shall be bonded  to a university for a period of time decided by the University.

The above move has been supported by many since it is likely to benefit several who have been struggling to