How To Apply For KMTC Course September 2022

Application Forms:

All applications are submitted online through the application portal (admissions portal) available on this website ( Prospective students apply for admission to the degree program each academic year. Selected candidates are placed on his one of 72 KMTC campuses nationwide.


Candidates are encouraged to visit the application portal, read the advertisements, or view the University Admissions Brochure for more information on the various degree programs offered and their specific admission requirements.

Interested and qualified candidates are encouraged to read the application guidelines (pre-service/during service) available on the application portal

Applicants are encouraged to carefully follow the steps outlined in the application guide to ensure a successful application process. Please note that the course will be closed as soon as it reaches the capacity.

Note All Applicants to;

KMTC are encouraged to ensure that their application is submitted correctly in order to have a fair chance to compete for open apprenticeships.

Other areas to consider are:

1. KMTC offers several courses at various levels with different entry requirements. Therefore, you should read the advertisement or university brochure carefully and click here to make sure you are applying correctly.

2. Decide which course you want to study and make sure you are eligible. 3. Plan time, money and social support for training at KMTC. Our campuses are spread across the country, so be prepared to launch your course to achieve success in any part of the country.

Please ensure that you have applied correctly and on time according to the application guidelines. Please check your email (used in the application process) regularly for notifications from the university.

Instructions to Applicants

1. Check the ad to see which courses you are eligible for.

2. Those who have already applied once do not need to register.

3. Simply log in with the email address you created earlier. If you have forgotten it, click Forgot email address/Forgot password? button

4. Apply only for courses for which you are eligible simplify your application process with our guide above

5. Make sure you have all the documents listed in the user manual

6. Make sure your scanned document is less than 2MB

7. See ad for correct academic calendar and dosage.