How to change school for form one student via NEMIS

Education Ministry has given parents and guardians another opportunity to get their kid’s school of their decision through an interaction called transfer.

While doing the changes here are the means to follow when doing moves for your child to to get their preferred alternative school incase the individual was not chosen or was selected to a school they did not like.

First login in to the NEMIS Ministry of Education portal by clicking here and then log in by filling the given form. The structure has the understudy’s file number, county and sub county which is ought to be filled in effectively.

Then, at that point the parent or the guardian will reauest for the exchange of the student by choosing the favored school for the youngster.

The school will then, at that point waitlist every one of the new selected candidates. The school will then, at that point pick the applicants basing on the accessible spaces and opening.

The school will then, at that point catch the subtleties of the justified competitors from the holding up list then, at that point send the names to the service of instruction so the service could fill in the names in the NEMIS record, the understudy and the new school.

Whenever endorsement has been made the names will be submitted by the decision of your school. For those put in public schools their names will be submitted at the service of education,  those in additional district then their names will be submitted at instructive provincial officer, those in region schools their names will be submitted at area overseer of training office.

Whenever endorsement has been made,your youngster will be moved from the past chose school to the new supported school.