How to update your KNEC professionals details

Recently the Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC) has requested all their contacted professionals to updare their details. The procedure is expected to be done on a regular basis to the KNEC Field Administration Portal. To log into the portal, all the professionals should have their National Identity Card numbers, Kenya Revenue Authority Personal Identification Number (KRA PIN), work area, the county and sub county, Electronic Mail Address (E-Mail) and Pay Slip designation.

To update your details, one is expected to vist the official KNEC official page then follow the steps below;
1. On your search engine or web browser, open this link or click here.
2. On the page, navigate and select the Edit Your Details sections. You will be redirected to the KNEC Contracted Professionals System section.
3. While on the page, you will be required to enter your user name which is your National Identity Card Number. For your password, you will enter your Teacher’s Service Commission(TSC) Number.
4. Click login to be able to access your account.
5. Enter correctly your School name, County and Sub-County, Designation which is in you payslip, Kenya Revenue Authority pin and your E-mail address.
6. Confirm if the details you have entered are correct. If so, click on the Save Record scetion and wait for your details to be saved.
7. When the page loads, your records will have been successfully saved and you can always visit the website to update the details incase of transfer to other school, sub-county or county.
8. You will then receive an SMS confirmation.
9. When done, you can log out of your account.