KMTC Medical Engineering Course; Qualifications, Intakes, Campuses Offered and Duration

The medical technician profession includes the design, manufacture, installation, and maintenance of medical and hospital equipment.

Offered in three levels. Certificate, Diploma, Higher Diploma. The course lasts 3 years at Diploma level, 2 years at Certificate level and 1 year for the Higher Diploma course.

The Certificate level requires a KCSE intermediate grade of C- in English or Swahili C-, Mathematics
D, and Physics/Physics or Chemistry D. D in any of the following:

Chemistry, Biology/Life Sciences, Electrical, Metalworking, Engineering Drawing.

A Diploma in Medical Technology Technology, or equivalent from a
accredited institution, is required to complete this course at a higher diploma level.

Courses, Duration, Campuses and Minimum Entry

Academic  Programme Course  Duration KMTC Campus  Where Course  is Offered Minimum Entry Requirements
Certificate Medical Engineering  Technology 2 years Selected KMTC  Campuses KCSE Mean Grade of C-, with C- In  English or Kiswahili, D in Mathematics  and D in Physics/Physical Sciences  or Chemistry. D in any one of the  following: – Chemistry, Biology/

Biological Sciences, Electricity, Metal  Work, Technical Drawing

Diploma Medical Engineering  Technology (Pre service) 3 years Selected KMTC  Campuses Mean Grade C, C in English or Kiswahili  and Mathematics and Physics/Physical  Sciences

C- in any one of the following:  – Biology/Biological Sciences,  Chemistry, Electricity, Metal Work,  Technical Drawing

Medical Engineering  Technology

(Upgrading from  Certificate to


2 years Selected KMTC  Campuses Certificate in Medical Engineering  Technology OR an equivalent from a  recognized institution




1 year Nairobi Diploma in Medical Engineering  Technology, OR an equivalent from a  recognized institution