KNEC Reveals 2023 Payment Rates Following CRE Paper 1 Fracas

The cost of marking Scripts of the learners varies from one subject to another owing to the unique format and nature of each subject and paper. In some instances, different papers in a given subject are also paid differently per script.

According to instructions seen by this writer a Christian Religious education (CRE) examiner will be paid a co-ordination fee of Kes. 150.00 per day, a basic fee of Kes 1,100.00, scripts fee at the rate of Kes. 55 per script and travel based on your work station. The scripts rate takes care of all marking related activities including and not limited to the actual marking of scripts, entry of scores on mark sheets, cross checking, adjudication and report writing.

Payments to all contracted professionals shall be taxed in accordance with the PAYE regulations/guidelines. Examiners will be charged a withholding tax at 5%for any payment above Kes. 24,000. Subsequently, only those who reach this threshold will be taxed.

English Paper III pays the highest among written exams, at Sh77 per script, while Biology Paper 1, Paper 2 and paper 3 examiners earn Sh52 per script.

Examiners marking Chemistry Paper 1, paper 2 and paper 3 earn an Sh52,per scrips while teachers marking Physics paper 1, paper 2 and paper pocket sh60 per script.

Tutors marking Christian Religious education (CRE) both paper 1 and paper two are paid sh55 per script. History and Government examiners are also paid sh55 per script.

A script of Computer paper 1 attracts a cost of sh 54. For computer paper 1 a teacher is paid sh65 per script.

The exams were administered between December 1 and December 23, 2022.

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