Malpractices witnessed in the KCSE 2020 examinations

Depsite assurances by the Education CS George Magoha and his counterpart, the interior CS Dr. Fred Matiang’i that exam leakage was not going to be witnessed in regards to the 2020 KCSE exams, the exact opposite happened.

A number of exam irregularities was witnessed across the nation from the students, to the invigilators, supervisors and even the entire public.

During the examination period, a total of twenty seven exam invigilators were either arrested or dismissed having been involved in exam malpractices. Other cases saw university students were also arrested having been involved in either attempted or leaking the nationwide exam.

Students in high school are never allowed to possess mobile phones. It is also a risky business to have one during the examination period and worst while doing the national exam. The exams are never supposed to be shared or transmitted in any way.

Students sitting for an examination

It was however reported that eight students were found to have mobile phones in the exam rooms who had the intention of using the device to the advantage of others. Sixteen other phones were also confiscated during the exam period.

Sharing examinations on Social Media platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp was clear to and the vice also attracted penalties. When national examinations leak, it is the students who bear the ultimate cost as they will have to sit for an emergency.

Emergency papers unlike the normal exams prove to be harder. In the 2020 exams, it was clear that for the Mathematics and Chemistry paper two, it was an emergency paper due to the allegations that there was a widespread of the paper during the easter weekend.

A slight exam malpractice may result to one not getting his or her results. In this year’s exams, a total of 287 students had their results cancelled.