Marketable KMTC Courses In Kenya 2021

Wondering what course to study at KMTC? Worry no more because here we will show you some of the best and most marketable courses offered.

With the rapidly expanding population in Kenya, there is a high demand of health care professionals and these courses aim at helping people in the society with health issues and also educating them on how to take care of themselves thus making them marketable

Before selecting any course, you have to make sure that you have critically analysed the employment dynamics in Kenya so that you may not be jobless after you are done with your studies.

Here are some of the most marketable courses to study at KMTC:


This is one of the most marketable course and well paying. For one to do a diploma in pharmacy at KMTC Institution they need to get a KCSE minimum aggregate of C with a C in English or Kiswahili, chemistry or physics and biology.

Radiography and imaging

One with a diploma in radiography can easily secure a job easily. Radiographers usually work in radiology and imaging departments in hospitals, GP and surgery clinics. One can also work in clinics and private hospitals, research establishments, or within research conducting research and training radiographers

Health promotion and community health

For those students whose dreams are to help people in the community then is the best course to take. It is marketable because most people in the community are in need of the services they provide and due to the rapid increase in population they are in high can work as a health educator, wellness coordinator, programme analyst, health coach among others.

This is a good career to pursue for a lot of reasons. It is a marketable course in Kenya since those graduating are guaranteed to get employed immediately after their graduation or by the time they start their final examination. In addition to that, optometrists also make a good amount of money.


This is one of the best courses to study at KMTC as it has numerous opportunities. This course entails providing essential health care services hence making it the most respected professions. Furthermore, the most interesting thing about nursing is that even if you are not employed you can start a private practise or open a clinic in any town in Kenya hence erasing the possibilities of joblessness. Nursing graduates can work in hospitals, NGO’s, pharmaceutical companies, government ministries and clinics. It also opens doors to a lucrative career i0n the health care industry.

Dental surgery

This is one of the most marketable courses in Kenya and it is predicted to get a high demand in the future. So if you have a passion in medicine then this programme is highly recommended.

Clinical medicine

This is one of the most marketable courses in Kenya today even though one must undergo rigorous training in surgical skills to practice as a full medical doctor. When you are done with this course, one is always assured a job opportunity as a clinical officer.

Most people regard medical courses as the most prestigious and most marketable courses. Even though not all students are able to qualify to join universities, KMTC has opened room for everyone to pursue their dreams in doing medicine and with a variety of options to choose from. They should also choose a course according to what they are passionate about and also according to the job market available so that they may not tarmac looking for job after graduation.