Reforms Parents and Teachers want for the CBC

During his inauguration at the Kasarani Stadium, the President stated had some concerns about the new Competence Based Curriculum and stated that he would appoint a task force to conduct public participation to know the niches.

Even before the president does so, education stakeholders are already pointing out faults in the Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC) they want to be addressed even before the first in command picks the task force.

The Teacher’s unions like the Teachers Service Commission, The National Parents Association and the church want Junior Secondary Schools (JSS) to remain in primary schools. They also want the government to be precise on the cost it will bear as a government and also what the parent should bear.

Pupils during a Competence Based Curriculum lesson

The Kenya Parents Association chairman Nicholas Maiyo stated that it will be hard for children joining the Junior Secondary Schools to cope in overcrowded secondary schools with senior students adding that the children still needed parental care.

The Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT)  secretary general Collins Oyuu in his concern added that there was no reason for more infrastructure to be built in secondary schools as existing classrooms are still in primary schools. The KNUT secretary maintained that the Junior Secondary Schools should remain primary schools.