Selected teachers to start Diploma lessons in June

Through the Ministry of Education, the Government of Kenya has finally accomplished the selection process od the Primary school teachers who are supposed to undertake a diploma course scheduled for June.

This comes just months after the Education CS commenced the new Competence Based Curriculum (CBC) which will require teachers to undergo some other forms of training to suit the new education system. More than nine thousand (9,000) students have seen chosen to attend the few selected Teacher’s Training CollegeĀ  (TTC) across the nation.

The selected TCIs include Machakos Teacher’s Training College, Thogoto Teacher’s Training College, Baringo Teacher’s Training College, Egoji Teacher’s Training College, Migori Teacher’s College Institute, shanzu Teacher’s Training College, Tambach Training College among others.

The Teachers Training CollegeĀ  will start receiving the selected teachers as from 2nd of June. The first learning session will be expected to take only fourteen weeks the second session will start in September and it is expected to take the same period. The entire diploma period is expected to take only three years. The selected 9,000 will be distributed accordingly and each college should host atleast 150 trainees and not more than 200.

The Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD) which is mandated to design education curriculum in Kenya last week stated that the teacher’s diploma education design was ready. It also added that there were plans to upgrade the current P1 teachers. It will be mandatory for teachers to have diploma atleast a Diploma.