Teachers Arrested In Kisii For Forcing Pupils to Commit Indecent Act

Six Kisii County teachers have been arrested in connection with a disturbing video circulating on social media in which schoolchildren are exposed to an indecent act.

Nyamache OCPD Kipkulei Kipkemboi confirmed the arrest of the five female teachers and one male, saying the incident occurred at Itumbe DOK Primary School in Nyamache.

According to police, the six were arrested after Ministry of Education officials in the county, led by Nyamache Sub-County Director Linet Onduso, visited the school following receipt of the video.

The young boys in school uniform are compelled by their teachers to commit an indecent act while lying on top of each other in the video, which has sparked widespread outrage.

The six teachers are being questioned at Nyamache Police Station pending arraignment, according to the OCPD.

Reasons for TSC Interdiction

The following are reasons that can easily instigate the interdiction of a teacher by the commission;


Cases of immoral behaviour.

Neglect of duty.


Desertion of duty.


Mismanagement of public funds.

Conviction of criminal offence.

If a teacher is guilty, will be deregistered and this means he or she will not participate in activities involving teaching profession in Kenya.

Remember that in a case where the teacher is innocent, interdition is revoked. He or she may be warned in writing, surcharged or suspended for a period not exceeding six months.

Disciplinary Process

1. A Head of institution may initially issue a verbal warning or caution the teacher in writing on minor breaches.

2. In case of persistent misbehaviour, the teacher may be required to show cause why disciplinary action should not be taken against him/her.

3. From the teacher’s response, the head of institution may serve the teacher with a warning or present the case before the agent.

The agent shall;

1. Investigate and assemble relevant evidence.
2. Invite the accused teacher in writing to defend himself/herself against specified allegation.
3. Call witnesses to give evidence in the presence of the accused teacher.
4. Allow the teacher to cross-examine each witness.
5. In case of desertion where teacher’s whereabouts is unknown, the agent will interdict without any delay.

After the preliminary hearing the agent may reach any of the following decisions;
1. No case to answer.
2. Warn the teacher administratively.
3. Interdict the teacher.
NB: In some cases TSC or agent can interdict a teacher without inviting him/her for preliminary hearing.
An interdicted teacher should write a defense statement within 21 days from the date of interdiction and provide contact address.

A case will normally be heard within three months after interdiction. In case of delay the teacher is advised to make enquiries.