TSC Says Invigilators, Supervisors, Centre Managers Ready to Deliver Credible 2023 Exams

According to the Teachers Service Commission (TSC), strict rules have been sent to all 223,223 supervisors and invigilators to prevent misconduct in the Kenya Primary School Assessment (KPSEA) and Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) exams, which are scheduled to begin on Monday.


CEO Nancy Macharia advised centre managers and invigilators to stop cheating on exams and make sure that they are administered in compliance with the established guidelines.


A total of 223,223 instructors have been approved and assigned to serve as supervisors and invigilators. Additionally, we have designated 71,760 centre managers who will oversee examination management throughout all test centres in the nation, the spokesperson said.


Macharia added that the Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC) had provided a briefing on the roles and responsibilities of the teachers participating in the exercise.

She said, “We have issued a circular to all schools and teachers cautioning against participating in social media forums and encouraging dishonest behaviour in the 2023 national exam and assessments.”

“In order to deliver credible examinations, we call upon all supervisors, invigilators, and centre managers to desist from exam malpractice and ensure that examinations are conducted in accordance with the set rules,” she continued.

Additionally, she gave the public the assurance that TSC will discipline any teacher found to have engaged in any form of exam malpractice.